1. Accounting Department

  2. Animal Control

  3. Assessors

    Find out about taxes and other assessment-related information.

  4. Building Department

    Building Department

  5. Cemetery & Parks Division

  6. Conservation

  7. Communications

    Communications Department, Dispatch for Police/Fire/EMS/Emergency

  8. Council on Aging

    Meet the Council on Aging and review their role in your city's government.

  9. Department of Public Works

    Department of Public Works

  10. Emergency Management Agency

  11. Engineering


  12. Fire

    Fire Department

  13. Health Department

    Health Department

  14. Highway Division

    Highway Division

  15. Library

    Lawrence Library

  16. Planning Department

    Planning department

  17. Police

    Contact the Police Department.

  18. Recreation

    Recreation department

  19. Systems Administration

  20. Sewer Division

  21. Tax Collector / Treasurer

    Treasurer and Tax collector information

  22. Town Administrator

    Find out who supervises the city departments.

  23. Town Clerk

    Office of the Town Clerk

  24. Transfer Station

  25. Veteran's Services

    Learn how the city serves its veterans.

  26. Water Division

    DPW Water Division