Safety Programs

Child Passenger Safety

Mission statement:

Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death for young children. A minor crash or even a sudden stop can seriously injure a child who is not riding in the right type of child safety seat. You can reduce the risk by having your child always ride in a properly fastened and secured safety seat.

The Pepperell Police Dept. can provide information about installing and inspecting your child safety seat. If you would like assistance with installing a child safety seat or you would like to have your installation inspected by a CPS Technician, please contact Officer Rick Smith at

Summary of the Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety Law (as of 7/10/08):
  • Children must be in a federally approved child passenger restraint that is properly fastened and secured until they are 8 years old OR over 57" tall
  • Children ages 8 through 12 must wear a properly fastened safety belt
  • A police officer can stop your vehicle if a child age 12 or under is not properly restrained

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RAD Women's Basic Physical Defense

Providing women with knowledge to make educated decisions about their personal safety

RAD is a program of realistic self defense, covering areas from risk reduction and avoidance strategies to hands-on defense training. RAD is not a martial arts program, but rather a course designed for simplicity and ease in learning, providing a system of effective and proven self defense tactics for women.

The Basic Physical Defense program has been offered by the Pepperell Police Department, free of charge, since 1998.

Avoidance is taught as the first line of defense, and topics such as the concept and misconceptions of date rape and making a decision to resist are discussed. In hands-on training, women learn simple gross motor skill techniques which develop through practice and are refined by the use of padded equipment.

Students then opt to participate in realistic scenarios, conducted by RAD certified instructors. These simulated exercises allow the participants to utilize the skills they have learned in unexpected encounters, all in a safety controlled environment.

For more information about RAD Systems, visit or contact the Pepperell Police Department R.A.D. Officer.

radKids Defense against Abuse and Abduction Program

The radKids program is an educational and empowerment program offered by the Pepperell Police Department. This program was established to teach the children of our community the use of awareness, risk reduction, avoidance and self defense through education, enhancing the ability of children to resist and / or escape abuse and abductions.

The radKids and RAD adult programs are the largest of their type in the US with over 2000 certified instructors nationwide and in Canada. The radKids program has been recognized in numerous law enforcement publications and is an integral part of many police department Crime Prevention and Community Policing programs.

Parents play a vital role in this program, so a parent, guardian or other trusted adult should be present with the child during class time.

For more information, visit or contact the Pepperell Police Department D.A.R.E Officer.