Water Division

Water Meter Replacement Program

The Town will commence with the changing out of water meters beginning Monday November 7th, if you received a postcard from East National Water and you want to schedule your meter replacement please click here.

FAQ – Water Ban 2016


How long do you think this Mandatory Ban will be in effect?

Answer:  It is expected that the ban will last at least two months.  However, based on weather conditions this may be extended or shortened.

Can I water my vegetable garden?

Answer:  Yes, hand watering, utilizing a watering can or spray nozzle while being attended is permitted.  No unattended or automated water systems are allowed.   For example, soaker hoses and drip irrigation is not permitted.

Can I water my lawn utilizing a handheld nozzle?

Answer:  No, water of lawns by any means is strictly prohibited under this ban.

Can I water my lawn using my private well?

Answer:  Yes, private well/well point use for outside watering activities is currently allowable.  Please note that we all share the same aquifers for our water, as Pepperell has no surface water supplies, so even private well use could have an impact on the public system.  We also are suggesting that residents who are using well water to irrigate large areas install a small "well water in use" sign on their lawns (typically placed near the road) to avoid the inevitable calls to us reporting that "we have a water ban but so and so is watering their lawn".  We are asking owners / users of private irrigation wells to have a water department staff visit the property to confirm that there are no 'cross connections' between the municipal source and the private well. Elimination of cross connections between these sources is a mandate from Mass Department of Environmental Protection. If you call the Water Department (978-433-5591), we can arrange for this very brief inspection.

Notice to Water and Sewer Customers - Effective August 2015

In an effort to more efficiently process payments, we have changed our remit to address for all Water & Sewer payments. Please include your account number on all payments and mail to:

Town of Pepperell - DPW
P.O. Box 319
Pepperell, MA 01463

Payments may still be made in person at Town Hall Monday through Thursday.

Protecting Our Drinking Water

The Pepperell Water Division recently posted Drinking Water Protection Signs in the neighborhoods that abut the town's water supplies. These signs are part of our Consumer Outreach Program to alert residents within or near our Aquifer Protection Districts that our Groundwater is vulnerable to contaminants.

To maintain a safe water supply, we all need to do our part in protecting it. What we do with or on our land directly affects the quality of our drinking water. There are a number of ways in which all of us can help reduce the possibility of contamination of our water supply.