Health Department

The Board of Health is responsible under general laws, state and local regulations, for disease prevention and control, health and environmental protection and promoting a healthy community.  

Pepperell is affiliated with the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health, which serves as Pepperell's Health Agent, Town Nurse and Dental Hygienist. Nashoba also provides community nursing services and 24 hour/day emergency health services.


Sandra Gargan, Board Secretary, 978-433-0328
Kalene Gendron, Health Agent, 978-772-3335 x308
Robin Hebert, Animal Inspector, 978-433-0328
Tamara Bedard, RN Town Nurse, 978-772-3335 x340


One Main St.
Lower Level
Pepperell MA, 01463

Office Hours
Monday: 8AM - 4PM
Tuesday: 8AM - 11:30AM
Wednesday: 8AM - 11:30AM
Thursday: 8AM - 11:30AM and 2PM - 4PM
Friday: Closed