1. Stage 1 Water Ban: Odd/Even Days

    As of 9/21/22 the Pepperell Water Division has returned to a Stage 1 Water Ban. This allows watering on odd or even days depending on your house #. Please limit use of irrigation systems to 7pm-8am on coordinating days to continue to conserve.
  2. Pepperell Historic Resources Survey Plan Completed!

    Through a grant from Freedom's Way, the Historic Commission and Planning Office were able to hire Historic Preservation Consultant, Wendy Frontiero, to prepare a Historic Resources Survey Plan for the Town. The report is now available to the public! Read on...
  3. Volunteers Needed for TAX Preparation

  4. 12th Annual Library Wine Tasting

    Tickets now on sale. Read on...
  5. Clothing Donation in Pepperell

  6. Albert Harris Center - Newest Newsletter

    Read about all the wonderful things Albert Harris Center offers. 37 Nashua Rd, Pepperell, Ma 01463 978-433-0326 Read the Newest Newsletter...
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