Town Administrator

Pepperellians -
The FY2020 budget has been reviewed extensively. As you may have heard, the town has made significant cuts - nearly $800,000 of them and plans to use another $600,000 from savings to balance the FY2020 budget.  The cuts include four layoffs, and the reduction of reserve funds and capital spending. It is truly a dire budget.
We are also proposing a tax override of $1.4 million which would restore the cuts and preserve the savings. To the left of this message is a link to a page full of information about the process and our financial position.  Please review as you consider this important decision.

The town has local elections on April 22nd, a Town Meeting on May 6th, and a special election for the tax override question, on May 13th.

Thank you,

Andrew MacLean
Town Administrator

FY 2020 Budget Information with TA Andrew MacLean

Pepperell Receives DOR Approval of Balance Sheet as of July 1, 2018

As a result of timely and accurate Department Head submissions of receivables, cash, payroll and bills, the Finance Team was able to submit the Town’s Balance Sheet to the DOR and receive approval in early August for the 4th year in a row.

According to the DOR, Pepperell is the 1st town in our region to be certified this year and the 4th in the State!

Congratulations to the employees of the Town of Pepperell – well done!