Zoning Board of Appeals

Appointed Board Members

Members Position Term
Annette R. McLean Member (Chair) June 30, 2023
Sean McCaffery Member June 30, 2025
Clifton James Member June 30, 2024
Heather Hampson Associate Member June 30, 2023
Vacancy Associate Member June 30, 2024
Cheryl Lutcza Staff / ZBA Assistant N/A

Zoning Board of Appeals Office 

Tthe Zoning Board of Appeals office responds to requests by email (preferred) at zba@town.pepperell.ma.us or by telephone at (978) 650-1623 (please be sure to leave a detailed message, with your name and telephone number).   Application Information and Instruction Packets can be obtained via the link at the bottom of this page entitled "Documents" or in person at Town Hall.  If you would like to arrange for a pre-submission review of application paperwork, please send an email, so that we may contact you to make arrangements to receive the documents.

The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of three members appointed to staggered three-year terms, with two alternates appointed to staggered two-year terms available to hear Special Permit, Variance, 40-B and Zoning By-law Appeals Applications in cases of absence or recusal by one or more regular members.


Meeting Information

The Zoning Board of Appeals meetings and hearings are currently being held remotely, on an as-needed basis, to hear applications and take actions. Meetings are posted on the Town's meeting calendar.


ZBA Application and Information Packet/Forms