School Committee - North Middlesex

The North Middlesex Regional School District administers schools from Kindergarten through High School in the town's of Pepperell, Ashby, and Townsend. The nine-member School Committee that oversee school administration has members from all three towns based on relative town population as follows:

3 members from Pepperell
2 members from Townsend
1 member from Ashby
3 at-large members collectively elected by the three towns

The Committee Chair, currently from Townsend, is elected from the Committee membership annually, as are the Vice-Chair and Secretary.

All membership terms are for three years.

Current Membership

Activities (as directed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts)
The School Committee oversees school administration, sets district school policies, makes employment decisions regarding the District's School Superintendent, and negotiates employee wide benefits packages.

Meeting Schedule:
The School Committee meets monthly. See School Committee section of the North Middlesex Regional School District website for a posted schedule of meeting days.

Minutes to past School Committee meetingsa are posted on the North Middlesex Regional School District website's School Committee section.