Animal Control

Animal Control Officer

The Pepperell Animal Control Officer takes care of dog related problems in the town of Pepperell.

For emergencies in Pepperell, contact the Patriot Regional Communications Center by dialing 911 or 978 433-2737 for non-emergency calls.

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Animal Inspector

A. The primary duty of the Animal Inspector has recently become rabies control in the domestic animal population. There are several angles which must be covered to accomplish this.

  1. Domestic mammals which come in contact with, or are otherwise exposed to the rabies virus must first be assessed to determine severity of risk. Depending on the vaccination status of the domestic mammal involved.
  2. The Animal Inspector will be contacted by local veterinarians when a client presents an animal which may have had an encounter with a potentially rabid animal. Again, the severity of the situation must be assessed before determining the proper course of action.
  3. Any domestic mammal which bites a human or another domestic mammal must be quarantined for a period of ten days to determine the risk of rabies transmission.
  4. The Animal Inspector must ensure that all animals (wild or domestic) which must be tested for rabies are captured and euthanized before testing.

B. Municipal Animal Inspectors are also responsible for barn inspections. Depending on the city/town, this may be a light task or a lengthy one. Barn inspections are performed annually from October 1 to Dec 30th.

 Barn inspections are designed to:

  1. Get a good census of the domestic animal population of the town. The collection of this data is essential to developing a response plan to an emergence and implementing it.
  2. Be sure that all of the animals appear to be in good health and free from disease, and
  3. observe animal housing for safely and ensure ample food and water are supplied.

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