Items Accepted for a Fee

Air Conditioner $22.00 Box Spring $25.00 Computer $15.00
Dehumidifier $20.00 Couch & Up $15.00 Chair $12.00
Dryer $15.00 Light Ballast $2.00 Mattress $25.00
Refrigerator/Freezer $30.00 Propane Tank $7.00 Microwave Oven $10.00
Dishwasher $15.00 Stove $15.00 Television $20.00 & up
Washing Machine $15.00 Bicycle $2.00 VCR $5.00
Large Metal Items $5 & up depending on size Water Heaters $12 & up
Lawn Mower $5 & up depending on size White Goods (small household appliances) $5 ea
Carpet/Rug $0.15 per sq. ft., $0.20 w/pad Demolition Materials 15cents/lbs.
Tires $3 & up depending on size (Roofing is considered Demolition)

Paint: Disposal - $3.00 per gallon & up. Call for fees & information

Other Bulky Items:
See recycling personnel for fees & disposal location

Mercury reduction program:
Florescent Light Bulbs, Mercury Thermometers, and Button Cell Batteries accepted at no charge - see Attendant for details

Compost & Yard Waste
Trash bag: 25 cents
Barrel: 55 cents
Half pickup load: $2.50
Pickup load $5.00
**Please empty any bags into the pile, don't throw the bag into the pile.**
**Prices subject to change without notice due to fluctuating markets. Facility has a scale to weigh demolition materials
- call for details.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash & Checks made payable to "Pepperell Transfer Station" only
credit cards and online payments are not available at this time