Water Conservation

Water Conservation Regulation

Effective May 1st through October 31st, outdoor watering of any kind is restricted to even numbered days of the month for homes with even address and odd numbered days for homes with an odd numbered address.

This ODD/EVEN Restriction is a water conservation measure strongly encouraged by MassDEP, and should be effective enough to make a full mandatory outside water ban unnecessary except under extreme circumstances.  All water customers are strongly encouraged to comply with this odd/even schedule to help avoid more extreme measures of water conservation.  Should conditions require, this conservation measure will be replaced by two series of progressively more restrictive measures, culminating to a full outside water ban as declared by the Board of Public Works.  Violations of the restrictions and/or full ban may result in fines at that time. 

Water Stage 1Water Stage 2Water Stage 3

Water Stage 4

Stage 1 Restrictions regard only the use of automated in ground sprinkler systems.  Each year Stage 1 is automatically enacted from May to October in cooperation with the MassDEP.  Irrigating more often does not necessarily provide a better lawn.  Also the odd/even schedule reduces the strain on the water system.  All other uses are acceptable during Stage 1.  

Stage 2 is similar, but reduces the automated irrigation to weekly.  All other outdoor use is permitted as long as it is “attended” meaning someone is in control of the water and can turn it off immediately if needed.  Additionally, pool fills are allowed under Stage 1 and 2.  

Stage 3 and 4 are much more restrictive and are necessary to protect the water supply.  Call the DPW for guidance on pool fills during Stage 3 and 4.   We determine the Stage based upon a number of factors, including the current MassDEP drought stage and our own knowledge regarding the Town’s water supplies.  Please watch for changes in the signs to ensure you comply with the water restrictions currently in place.