Procedures and Policies
Field and Facility Request Form

Fields have designated uses as described below.  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Commission.  

Town Field
Softball area
Skateboard Park
Playground area
General purpose area

Bartelson Fields (aka Jersey St)

60' Baseball Diamond (“Major League field”)
60' Baseball Diamond  (“Minor League Field”)
60' Baseball Diamond – (“AAA” Field)
60' Baseball Diamond  - (“T-ball Field”)

Glow Field 
Three soccer fields ( 11v11, two 8v8)

Nissitissit Fields 
90' Baseball Diamond
Multipurpose sports

Kennedy Field
Multipurpose – Sports

Comiskey Field 
One Field – Multipurpose - usually configured for three or four 6v6 soccer fields

Varnum Brook Field
Softball A
Softball B

Leao Field

One Field - Multipurpose – usually configured for two 11v11 soccer fields

Basketball Courts
Two lighted courts 

The fee structure to be implemented starting JULY 1, 2014 is as follows:

Adult Athletic Leagues

$25 per season, per team

Event held on multiple but consecutive days

$25 per day, max of $100 per event.

One Day Event

$50 per event

Farmer’s Market (June – Oct)

$100 per season

Summer Playground (6 weeks)

$100 per season

Basketball League

$75 per season

Youth Athletic Clinics

$100 per week

Youth Athletic Leagues

TBD based on field use and updated yearly

* Funds will be deposited in a separate account and used solely for the purpose of maintaining the fields and outdoor facilities.

** The Recreation Commission reserves the right to enter into agreements with established athletic or other local organizations for the ongoing, scheduled use of Town’s recreational facilities, in exchange for compensation in such form or amount as the Commission shall deem to be in the best interest of the Town of Pepperell.