Students join your friends for a night of dancing to the latest hits upstairs and snacks and beverages while conversation downstairs at the local Community Center.

Middle School Dance              2017-18 School Year

Arrival Time:  Check-in begins at 6:55 PM at the front doors of the Community Center.  Students must have a ticket or have reserved a ticket to be allowed entry.  Check-in is complete by 7:30 PM.  Doors CLOSE at 7:30 PM and no one is allowed entry after that time. 
Pick up Time: Students are let out the side door near parking lot at 10pm
Dates: Jan 27, 2018, Mar TBA     *January dances are held on Saturdays to accommodate the ski program
Cost: $5 with tickets purchased or reserved in advance of dance date at NMS school lunch or by contacting
Location:  Pepperell Community Center
DJ:  Platinum Entertainment

See our FAQ for more detailed info.          Chaperone Sign Up Information