Use of Building

Pepperell Council on Aging

Policy: Use of Senior Center by Outside Groups

Other groups may use the Senior Center. An application form must be submitted to the COA and processed at a regular meeting. Approval by the COA is only for the date(s) and time(s) specified. The COA may approve use for meeting space only, for up to one year at a time. Use for other functions must be submitted individually for each use. The COA Director may approve use during regular business hours without approval of the COA.

The COA reserves the right to:

1. Require that an event clearly state in any promotion or advertising that it is not endorsed or sponsored by the Pepperell COA

2. Require the Pepperell Police Department to be present during an event at the applicants expense.

3. Require adequate adult supervision.

4. Require a security deposit.

5. Cancel an event due to inclement weather.

The COA will determine which groups may use the Senior Center based on the following criteria:

First Priority will be given to:

The Pepperell Council on Aging.

The use of the Senior Center is limited to:

Times and days that are not in conflict with COA scheduling priorities.

Times and days when the COA can arrange access to the building and a COA employee or custodian is available to supervise.

Only areas designated in the reservation agreement.

Adults unless COA determines proper adult supervision is provided.

The group using the building is responsible for:

Leaving the building in the condition in which it was found.

Removing all trash used.

Arriving and departing at the scheduled times.

Notifying the COA of any problems in the building.

The behavior and activities of all people in the building during its use.

Providing any supplies, etc., used by the group.

Maintaining standards of sanitation, in accordance with Board of Health regulations.

Parking in COA designated areas only.

Use of the building does not include:

Use of phones, or any other office equipment, other than to dial 911.

Use of kitchen or serving of food of any kind unless approved by the COA.

Affixing anything temporarily or permanently to the interior or exterior of the building.

Use for storage of any equipment or supplies.

Use for political or religious activity.

Use of alcohol anywhere on the property.

Use of tobacco in the building or within 15 feet of the building.

Open flames allowed, such as candles or gas BBQ grills

Fee Schedule:

1. There will be no fee for meetings and events that are designed to benefit Pepperell seniors.

2. There is no fee for Pepperell non-profit organizations that do not charge a fee for the activity for which they are utilizing the building.

3. A civic organization, which is generating money for the town, will be charged $25 an hour, from set up to clean up.

4. All other parties/organizations will be charged $50 an hour, from set up to clean up.

5. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation and will be applied to the final payment.

6. 50% of the final payment is required one month prior to the scheduled event and will not be refunded if the booking is cancelled within two weeks. Balance of the hours used will be due at the end of the rental.

7. Any group may be required by the COA to pay a refundable security deposit to be returned within 48 hours of the event if no damage has been determined.

The COA can refuse authorization for use of the premises or ban programs or groups entirely if the above conditions are not met or other problems arise that the COA feels is detrimental to its mission.

Use of the Kitchen will be restricted to those who have either:

1. Proof of a Certified Food Manager on site

2. Proof of use of a caterer with a certified Food Manager

A $250 refundable deposit will be charged whenever the kitchen is to be used.


On April 9, 2008 the COA voted to suspend all building rentals.

Adopted 3/16/04

Revised 3/14/05