FAQ - New Website

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Where are archived agendas and minutes? 
A: Due to large volume of previously archived information some of the past agendas/minutes may be temporarily unavailable. These files are being uploaded daily and will be soon available in our document center. For any current FY15 agendas please visit our agenda center.  Please contact Town Clerk if you require historical information that is not yet available on our website. 

Q: Where should I check for upcoming meeting? 
A: Please see the meeting calendar, there is a link to it from main page (left side menu). Also the front page shows next 8 upcoming events (of all types, not just official meetings  but also holidays etc..). Once you visit the meeting calendar you will be presented with easy to use calendar interface showing specific events which then link to individual agendas. You may also find this agendas directly in our agenda center, but the calendar is the best way to stay informed of upcoming meetings.  You may also sign up for "notify me" feature of the meeting calendar which will email you when any new meeting is posted. 

New features: 
Here are some of the new and exciting features now available: 

Notify Me - This feature allows visitors to sign up for email notifications which will be sent to them when a specific module is updated. For example those interested in knowing about town meetings may subscribe to receive notifications for our meeting calendar. 

Online Forms - We have gained the ability to easily and effectively collect information from town residents. Several forms are already present and many more will be added soon. 

Easier Navigation
- several often visited items are linked to from multiple menus and places. This allows easier navigation for all visitors.

Flexible editing - Department heads & designated editors will have the ability to modify their own pages and keep the information presented to you as current as possible. 

Agenda Center - Transparency will be greatly increased with this new Agenda Module which will host agendas as well as meeting minutes for all departments in a easy to search format. 

Upcoming features: 

Request Tracker - this module will allow residents to easily submit requests to town officials, such as pothole repair etc.. 

Opinion polls - we have the ability now to create polls and collect much needed information from our visitors. 

Community Voice - Discussion forum for residents as well as town officials.