Outdoor Recreation Calendar

For the Town Field, Basketball, Athletic Fields, & Tennis Courts

You may view this meeting calendar by the week, month, or day ("Agenda") by clicking on the tabs on the right. The down arrow at the first right allows you to select and view or print the schedule for individual or multiple locations.

denotes All Athletic Fields
Blue denotes Town Field
Dark Blue denotes Bandstand
Dark Red denotes Basketball Courts
Teal denotes Skinned Softball field on the Town Field
Light Green denotes Enclosed Softball field on the Town Field
Brown denotes Comiskey Fields
Orange denotes Glow Fields
Bronze denotes the tennis courts
Gold denotes the Leao Fields
Purple denotes the Varnum Brook Fields
Light Gray denotes the LEFT Varnum Brook Softball Field
Dark Gray denotes the RIGHT Varnum Brook Softball Field
Light Red denotes the Jersey Street Fields
Light Brown denotes the Kennedy Fields
Peach denotes the Nissitissit Baseball Fields
Dark Purple denotes the Nissitissit Field

If the colors are too confusing, click the DOWN arrow at the far top right corner of the calendar to select and deselect individual facilities.