Trail and Recreation Maps

Pepperell is blessed with a lovely rural character that the Town and the Conservation Commission are working to protect. Over the last several years, Town Meeting has set aside parcels for conservation and protected others by means of deed restrictions. However, it is an on-going challenge to balance the inevitable growth of the Town, the numerous new housing developments that are a function of Pepperell's appeal, and the desire to have Pepperell remain true to its current beauty.

Trail Guide

Please see our latest Trail Guide & Maps including parking locations and trail information. It includes information for the following areas:
  1. Mt. Lebanon
  2. Keyes Farm
  3. Town Forest
  4. Linkel Woods
  5. Walent Property/Westside Trail
  6. Nashua River Trail
  7. Bemis Road Conservation Land
  8. Day Woods
  9. Stewart Brook
  10. Gulf Brook Conservation Area
  11. Pepperell Springs
  12. Heald Pond
  13. Heald Orchard
  14. Keyes Parker Conservation Areas
  15. Friends Way
  16. Nissitissit Meadows

Additional Trail Maps


Open Space Map