How your Real Estate Tax dollars are spent

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FY 2018 Tax Rate: 16.39 per thousand dollars of valuation. All calculations are estimated values only. Actual taxes may be different due to rounding. This estimate does not include betterments or liens.

Budget Breakdown

Appropriation Your Tax Breakdown by budget item
General Government
Public Safety
Nashoba Valley Technical High School
North Middlesex Regional School District
Public Works
Human Services
Culture & Recreation
Debt Service
Employee Benefits & Insurance
Capital Outlay

Your tax breakdown by tax rate item

Amount Tax Rate Difference in $ Amount Item Rate
FY2017 starting tax rate 15.89
Fiscal 2018 Levy Limit 18,256,386 14.598 -1.292
Prop. 2.5 Increase 456,410 14.963 0.365
New Growth Increase 350,107 15.243 0.28
Debt Exclusions
NMRSD (Nissitissit) 316,450 15.496 0.253
NMRSD (New High School) 988,202 16.286 0.790
Nashoba Valley Tech 99,340 16.365 0.079
Fire Truck 36,187 16.394 0.029
With Total Debt Exclusion 1,440,179 16,394 -1.151
New FY2018 Levy Limit & Tax Rate 20,503,082 16.394 -0.004