Light, Air, and Noise Bylaw Committee

Members: Terms Expire 12/31/20

  • Sherrill Rosoff(Chair)
  • Tim Brothers(Vice-Chair)
  • Margaret Scarsdal
  • Tony Beattie
  • Casey Campetti
  • Renee D’Argento
  • Ronald Karr
  • Patricia Kenneally
  • Mark Little
  • Vince Premus
  • Harvey Serreze
  • Michael Veit

Light Bylaw Presentation to BOS April 13, 2020

Draft Light Bylaw

The Town of Pepperell Board of Selectmen has appointed 12 residents to meet as an ad hoc committee to draft a light, air, and noise pollution by-law. We represent a cross-section of the community. The committee was appointed through December 31, 2020, but may disband sooner if we conclude our charge. We meet at least once a week.