Light, Air, and Noise Bylaw Committee

Members: Terms Expire 12/31/20

  • Sherrill Rosoff(Chair)
  • Tim Brothers(Vice-Chair)
  • Margaret Scarsdal
  • Tony Beattie
  • Casey Campetti
  • Renee D’Argento
  • Ronald Karr
  • Patricia Kenneally
  • Mark Little
  • Vince Premus
  • Harvey Serreze
  • Michael Veit

The Town of Pepperell Board of Selectmen has appointed 12 residents to meet as an ad hoc committee to draft a light, air, and noise pollution by-law. We represent a cross-section of the community. The committee was appointed through December 31, 2020, but may disband sooner if we conclude our charge. We meet at least once a week.