FY 2020 Budget

Documents posted here are related to the FY2020 budget process.

1. Pepperell comparisons to neighbors:  ClearGov Comparisons for Pepperell

2. Pepperell five year planner as of January 2019: 5 Year Projection - January 2019. Does not reflect current known school costs, health insurance, or reflect all expenses.The most current version is still being edited.

3. FY2020 Budget Planer as of March 15, 2019: FY2020 Budget draft - Prints legal size

4. Annual Free Cash Certifications since 1999: Free Cash History

5. Full time Equivalent (FTE) employee chart: FTE Chart

6. Charts and Graphs of FY2020 Budgets: Budget Summary slide show

7. Impact of proposed tax override: Tax Override Impact