FY 2020 Budget

Documents posted here are related to the FY2020 budget process.

1. FY2020 Budget as of April 8, 2019: 

     This is the version voted by the Board of Selectmen that is headed to Town Meeting on May 6, 2019.  It has separate columns for the budget as voted and the planned restoration line items if the override vote passes.  The override also ends the use of Free Cash as a source of on-going revenue in the annual budget strengthening our financial outlook.

A video message on the budget from Town Administrator MacLean

                      Click here to see a brief video about the FY2020 budget

2. Pepperell nine year Look back and Projection as of March 2019: 2016 to 2024 Look back and Projection

This is a major revision to the previous five year projection posted here previously. This shows the path from 2016 to today and what the next five fiscal years might look light with current revenue and expense trends. 

Also, look at the five year Projection below if a tax override is considered. This would restore many of the proposed cuts eliminate the use of free cash for general fund operations. Instead of annual deficits, there is a modest surplus.

                       5 Year Projection with and without the Override

3. Pepperell comparisons to neighbors:  ClearGov Comparisons for Pepperell

4. Annual Free Cash Certifications since 1999: Free Cash History

5. Full time Equivalent (FTE) employee chart: FTE Chart

6. Charts and Graphs of FY2020 Budgets: Budget Summary slide show

7. Impact of proposed tax override: Tax Override Impact

8. Slides from the Pepperell Cable Media budget 'infomercial' Pepperell Cable Media Slide deck