Breakfast with the Birds - 2019

Breakfast with the Birds was held at the Heald Street Orchard on 5/18/2019 during which 52 species were seen and/or heard. We hope to see you at our next event!

Blackbird, Red-winged

Redstart, American

Bluebird, Eastern

Robin, American

Bunting, Indigo

Sparrow, Chipping (heard only)

Cardinal, Northern

Sparrow, Field (heard only)

Catbird, Grey

Sparrow, House

Cedar Waxwing

Sparrow, Song

Chickadee, Black-capped

Starling, European

Crow, American

Swallow, Barn

Cuckoo, Black-billed

Swallow, Tree

Dove, Mourning

Swift, Chimney

Flycatcher, Least

Tanager, Scarlet

Goldfinch, American

Titmouse, Tufted

Goose, Canada

Towhee, Eastern (heard only)

Grackle, Common

Vireo, Red-eyed (heard only)

Grosbeak, Rose-breasted

Vulture, Turkey

Hawk, Broad-winged

Warbler, Black-and-white (heard only)

Hawk, Red-tailed

Warbler, Black-throated Green (heard only)

Jay, Blue

Warbler, Blue-winged

Kestrel, American

Warbler, Brewster

Kingbird, Eastern

Warbler, Common Yellowthroat

Kingfisher, Belted

Warbler, Magnolia

Loon, Common (9 flying over)

Warbler, Tennessee

Mallard, Duck

Warbler, Yellow

Oriole, Baltimore

Woodpecker, Pileated (heard only)

Ovenbird (heard only)

Wren, Carolina (heard only)

Parula, Northern

Wren, House