Annual Town Election - April 27, 2020

Location: Varnum Brook Elementary School     

Polling Hours: 7am – 8pm

Last Day and Hour to Register to Vote at the Town Clerk’s Office for the Annual Town Election and Town Meeting is: Tuesday, April 7 until 8pm


  • 42 signatures required for certification on the ballot
  • Signatures must be legible for the Board of Registrars to read or the signature will not be counted
  • Address must be legible or it will not be counted
  • Each candidate needs to receive 3 nomination papers
  • Candidate must sign “CANDIDATE ELECTION RECEIPT”
  • DO NOT PHOTOCOPY any nomination papers


  • Candidate must provide receipt
  • Use RED ink to date and time stamp received
  • Give green CAMPAIGN FINANCE FORM for “8 days before election”
  • All candidates must receive CPF M-102

Annual Town Election - April 27, 2020 Candidates

# of Seats Office Seeking Candidate Name Address Status Length of Term Date Nomination Papers Taken 42 Signatures Certified by Registrars, Date Complete
1 Board of Assessors Susan J. Smith 16 Chestnut St. Incumbent 3 Years N/A N/A
1 Board of Assessors Marcia Jean Scofield 109 Lawrence St. N/A 2 Years N/A N/A
1 Board of Health Philip D. Durno 9 Chestnut Street Incumbent 3 Years 1/3/2020 N/A
1 Board of Public Works John P. Harrington 85 Park St. Incumbent 3 Years 1/2/2020 N/A
1 Board of Selectmen Norman J. Radwich 10 Oakland Rd. Incumbent 3 Years 1/10/2020 N/A
1 Housing Authority OPEN     5 Years    
1 Lawrence Library Trustees Frederick E. Kobs 103 Main St., 11 Incumbent 3 Years 12/24/2019 N/A
1 Lawrence Library Trustees Robert M. Kowalski 126 Jewett St. Incumbent 3 Years 1/7/2020 N/A
1 Moderator Scott N. Blackburn 135 Jewett St. Incumbent 3 Years 12/6/2019 N/A
1 North Middlesex Regional School District School Committee Michael L. Morgan 99 Main St., Unit 1 Incumbent 3 Years N/A N/A
1 Planning Board Richard C. McHugh, Jr. 21 Maple St. Incumbent 5 Years N/A N/A
1 Planning Board Leigh Casey Campetti 14 Cottage St.,A N/A 4 Years 1/13/2020 N/A
1 Recreation Commission Kimberly L. Casey 4 Joan St. Incumbent 3 Years N/A N/A