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When can I get the COVID-19 vaccine? 

Where can I get a vaccination?

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Vaccine Clinic – Collaborative Announcement                                                                          

Nashoba Associated Boards of Health would like to announce the opening of the Nashoba Valley/Devens Regional Vaccine Collaborative on 5/12/21 at the Clear Path for Veterans New England building at 84 Antietam St. Devens.

We are grateful for the efforts of the State Representatives and Senators who advocated on behalf of our member communities and we look forward to providing a convenient location for vaccinations in the area.

Those wishing to schedule an appointment for a vaccination can visit, search by Local Board of Health Clinic and look for the Clear Path for Veterans New England/Devens site.    

Nashoba Associated Boards of Health Update

The State of Massachusetts has a plan to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine to the citizens of Massachusetts and that plan can be reviewed at   The Board of Health is assisting with State’s role out plan; we have currently completed first dose clinics to vaccinate First Responders and health care workers.  As a vaccine provider we must administer the vaccine in accordance with the State’s plan and the Board of Health is exploring other options to assist the State with their vaccine roll out plan as vaccine become available from the State.

At the Governor’s press conference on 1/25/21, the Administration announced updates to plans for Phase Two of the Commonwealth’s distribution plan. Individuals 75 years or older will now be the first priority group in Phase Two, and individuals 65 years and older have been moved into the second priority group, in addition to individuals with two comorbidities. Starting on February 1 individuals age 75 or older can be vaccinated. Vaccination sites can be found on the Commonwealth’s map at

The Board of Health will inform the community as we are able to provide vaccinations but individuals looking to get vaccinated should take the following steps in pursuit of becoming vaccinated;

  1. Please visit the State’s website listed above to find out when you would be eligible for receiving the vaccine; the site is updated regularly.
  2. Contact your primary care provider to inquire when they will be administering the vaccine.
  3. Check with your local pharmacy, the large pharmacy chains to see when they will start to administer the vaccine.
  4. Check large throughput sites (  Eligibility for receiving the vaccine will be determined through the site.

The Board of Health is exploring options to be a partner in the State’s vaccination program but it is important for citizens to reach out to the locations where they are normally vaccinated to stay informed of their options.

MA Department of Public Health

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Massachusetts Department of Public Health has an extensive resource website including data about Massachusetts statewide and community specific information. The are available here:  

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The Town Administrator’s Office is currently open. You can contact Andrew MacLean, Town Administrator via email at or Tracie Looney, Executive Assistant via email at or via phone at 978-650-1622.

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The police department remains open for emergencies and other police related matters that can’t be handled over the phone or via email.  If you are unsure if you should come to the police station, call us at 978-433-2424. For more information, please visit the PPD website.

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