Remote Public Meeting Participation

If you have any questions, concerns or problems with the remote participation tool please do not hesitate to reach out to Martin Cadek at  

Governor Baker has relaxed Open Meeting Law in the interest of reducing the number of people in congregate meetings and to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

  • To allow Pepperell Boards, Committees and Commissions (B/C/C) to hold public meetings the IT department has implemented conferencing service from GoToMeeting. 
  • This service will allow Pepperell B/C/C to have quorum no matter whether some members are at our usual meeting locations or participate remotely. 
  • Pepperell residents are able to connect and participate in any public meeting through any telephone service and/or by utilizing their personal computer/smartphone and any available internet connection.

How to join remote meeting - Instructions for Residents 

  1. Navigate to Town website:
  2. Use the Town meeting calendar to find the meeting that you wish to join: 
  3. Click on the "more details" link for the meeting
  4. You will see meeting details including dial-in instructions as well as a link for computer participation. Each Town of Pepperell meeting will have these two options available.
  5. You may join the meetings early, but the audio will be live only when the meeting organizer (most likely B/C/C chair) manually starts the meeting.

Meeting Participation Notes

  1. Please avoid background noise if your microphone is live. 
  2. Each meeting may have a unique phone number and most definitely will have a unique access code. It is critical that you use the correct phone number, access code and/or meeting link.
  3. Meeting organizer has the ability to mute participants, this feature may be used to control the flow of the meeting and avoid audio disruptions. 
  4. There is a 250 participant limit per each meeting. 


From front page of Town of Pepperell website there are 3 ways to access meeting information, by clicking on the upcoming meeting link you avoid the next step and immediately get to the details. 

If you wish to find information for meeting not yet displayed in the upcoming meetings then use the view all or meeting calendar link as shown, those will show you all currently posted events and you may look use the "more details" link.


Once you drill down to meeting details you will find the information for remote participation: