Stormwater Utility Fee

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Update 8/3/2022

The stormwater fee was established to provide funds for the operation, maintenance, repair and capital improvement of the Pepperell stormwater system. Recently, the Town was issued a permit by the EPA for the stormwater discharges within Pepperell. This permit contained a number of requirements to improve the water quality discharged into the Town’s rivers, streams and ponds from the municipal stormwater system.

The previous rate structure was based upon a flat $15 per quarter per parcel charge. The FY23 rate structure adopted was created and approved to consider the differences between each parcel’s impact on the Town’s stormwater system. It specifically addresses the differences in the density of development on the parcel, the parcels impact on the Town roads, as well as unimproved properties.

The new rate structure provides for two types of properties – residential and non-residential. The base rate was established based upon a single-family home as they represent the majority of the improved properties in the Town. The impervious area from single-family homes was calculated to 3,500 square feet. Impervious areas are surfaces that promote the runoff of stormwater like roofs and driveways. The 3,500 square feet area represents an “ERU” or equivalent residential unit. This ERU was used to determine the other rates charged to properties that were not single-family homes.

For single-family homes the $60 per year charge remains unchanged. For denser properties containing more than one residential unit, impervious area analysis of these denser properties determined that there was approximately one-half an ERU per unit. This resulted in a charge of $30 per unit per year for condos, apartments, and multi-family buildings.

Non-residential properties were assessed by calculating the number of ERUs on any given property, then assessing the stormwater fee based upon the number of ERUs that are on the property. A tiered schedule was approved to assess the fee to different size ERUs on each property.

The Stormwater Fees are effective August 1, 2022 with the exception of those to undeveloped properties. Undeveloped properties will not be billed a stormwater fee in FY23. Future bills for stormwater will rely on the table above. If you believe you have received a stormwater bill in error please contact the DPW and we will review the bill with you.