Bag Tags

Sheets of 5 bag tags are $15.00, or $3.00 each. Trash bag size up to 39 gallons. Bag Tags should be peeled off and affixed to the side of the trash bag where it can be easily seen.

Bag tags can be purchased at Donelan's Market, Pepperell Family Pharmacy, Senior Center, Lorden Hardware, DPW Office 47 Nashua Rd (Lomar Park) by appointment only, and now to reduce in-person contact by mail with a self-addressed stamped envelope (1 sheet minmum/3 sheet maximum, 5 per sheet). Mail to:

P.O. Box 319
Pepperell, MA 01463

Also available: 14 Gallon "Kitchen Bags" - $1 each - No bag tag required. Available at Senior Center and Transfer Station. Sold in sleeves of 10 ($10).