Second Phase of the Sucker Brook Continuity Restoration Project

The second phase of the Sucker Brook Continuity Restoration Project involved the replacement of a 36” concrete culvert pipe with a 20’ wide by 6’ high concrete box culvert. Field work and data collected in the early stages of the project allowed the engineering team from Horsley Witten Group to identify the need for a 20’ wide culvert. Data and modeling considerations for the culvert included climate change impacts, a critical component of culvert designs as we witness increased rainfall and periods of heavier rainfall. Increased flows can lead to erosion and flooding and culverts designed to meet MA Stream Crossing Standards ensure the Town of Pepperell is better prepared for climate change impacts. Building community resiliency is a key component of this work.

Each project phase considers the use of nature-based solutions to address climate change impacts. In the Spring of 2022, work will begin at the culvert to restore the project site with native plants. There are a multitude of benefits for using native plants. The native plants we have selected are well-adapted to this region as they can endure long periods of drought, clean the air we breathe, filter runoff before it enters the stream, and support a healthy ecosystem.  

p2-2 phase 2 sucker brook
p2-1 phase 2 sucker brook

Sucker Brook Culvert - 6/19/2023

sucker brook post restoration