Social Worker

2/24/22 - Please welcome our Community Social Worker, Jessica Lundeen


Jessica has her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Master of Science in Criminal Justice and holds a license in Social Work.  She previously worked for Department of Child and Family Services in Lowell and Framingham and has been involved in the mental health field for 20+ years working with children, adults and seniors.

Our community social worker provides outreach support to all Pepperell residents. This position has many roles, including: 

  • Referrals for outreach services such as mental health, housing, financial assistance, etc.
  • Assistance with advocating for current needs and human rights
  • Implementing interventions and crisis planning to mitigate risk for individuals
  • Clinical consultation for individuals and families in need of support.

As our Social Worker, Jessica is here to assist community members in times of crisis. The Social Worker has a preventive and reactive role working to connect individuals and families to the appropriate levels of care for wellness and prevention relating to mental health and substance abuse. The Coordinator is accessible for confidential consultations by appointment and for family member and friend referrals.

The Social Worker is responsible for responding, assisting, and coordinating social service needs along with the Police Department, Fire Department, Health Department, School Department, Senior Services, and regional partners. The Coordinator is responsible for preparing and making public presentations, preparing informational and educational materials, and serving as a liaison to Town committees and regional civic groups.   

Jessica is eager to begin her work in our community. You can reach Jessica by calling  

(978)433-0326 ext.12 or email her at