Railroad Square Sidewalk Network Project

May 31, 2022 - The Town of Pepperell was informed by MassDOT that its application to the Commonwealth's Shared Streets and Spaces Program has been approved for funding.  Pepperell's Railroad Square Sidewalk Network Improvements Project has been awarded $200,000.00 under the program.   

The Shared Streets and Spaces Program is administered by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). The program provides funding to municipalities and public transit authorities to quickly implement improvements to plazas, sidewalks, curbs, streets, bus stops, parking areas, and other public spaces in support of public health, safe mobility, and strengthened commerce. Building on the success of the program first launched as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic during the summer of 2020, the program continues to be an integral funding source for communities as they address ongoing challenges and seek to improve their transportation infrastructure. (Credit: Shared Streets and Spaces Program Webpage)

The project will make pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements to historic Railroad Square, which is the heart of the business district in Pepperell, Massachusetts. Safety improvements will include installing Rapid Flashing Beacons with advanced LED signs at the crossing of the Nashua River Rail Trail across Groton Street to provide a highly visible advance warning of users approaching the crossing. The project would also entail the expansion of the existing sidewalk area along Main Street to accommodate space for improved streetscape such as benches and planters, outdoor dining, and way­finding signage to enhance pedestrian and bicyclist awareness of local destinations and events. Additionally, the travel lanes along Main Street will be narrowed for the purpose of traffic calming and speed reduction, the crosswalks will be upgraded to include modifications for ADA compliance and new striping to provide better visibility for pedestrians and drivers, and the parking area along Main Street will be re-striped, with additional handicap parking spaces added for improved accessibility.

View the proposed plans here: 

Draft Layout of Project (February 28, 2022)

Locus Map (February 28, 2022)

Implementation of these projects is expected to begin in August 2022.  For further information on the Pepperell Shared Street and Spaces Program, please contact Town Planner, Jenny Gingras at jgingras@town.pepperell.ma.us or (978) 433-0336.