Envision 2050 with NMCOG

NMCOG Envision 2050

Northern Middlesex Council of Government (NMCOG) is embarking on Envision 2050 Long-Range Regional Transportation Plan, our comprehensive vision for the future of transportation in our region. Please take the Envision 2050 survey to help shape the future of transportation in our region. For more information on the plan, visit Envision 2050 website. Should you require assistance or have any questions related to this survey, or the transportation planning process, please contact the NMCOG office at 978‐454‐8021 or contact Justin Howard at jhoward@nmcog.org.

 Envision 2050 Survey Flyer

NMCOG is embarking on the public engagement process for the Envision 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan (RTP) and as part of that, we are hosting focus group meetings in January 2023 and I would like to invite you to these Virtual Envision 2050 Focus Group meetings. These focus groups are an opportunity to discuss and provide input on our region’s transportation issues, needs and priorities. You are welcome to participate in more than one focus group based on your transportation mode choices. Please find the information to register for the focus group below.

Focus Group Information

Anybody that walks, bikes, rolls, takes transit should participate in these focus groups. 

Envision 2050 Focus Groups Poster