Zoning Revisions Working Group

Purpose of the Zoning Revisions Working Group

The Planning Office has created a Zoning Working Group to work with Ted Brovitz, a Consultant that has been hired to recommend updates to Pepperell’s zoning bylaw.  The goal of the Zoning Working Group is to review and discuss zoning updates based on Pepperell’s planning and design priorities.  Specifically, the group will review the existing zoning bylaw and recommend amendments that would update the bylaw.  This would include updates to ensure consistency with MGL Ch. 40A and judicial decisions, identify sections of the bylaw that require clarity and consistency, and make recommendations on updates to the Table of Uses and Table of Dimensional Controls.  

Current Bylaws, Rules and Regulations

View a list of the Planning Documents (includes existing zoning bylaw, any additions, and other rules and regulations).

Questions?  Contact the Planning Office here.

Presentations, Minutes and Recordings of Meetings

Date of Meeting Recording Presentation Minutes
January 11, 2023 Link to PCM PPT Slides - Kickoff Meeting