Town of Pepperell 250th Anniversary Committee

Appointed Committee Members

Wendy Cummings Member January 2026
Bob Poulin Chair January 2026
Diane Cronin Member January 2026
Steve Temple Clerk January 2026
Ken English Jr. Member January 2026
Stephen Themelis Vice-Chair January 2026
Sandra Herman Member January 2026
Caitlyne Herman Member January 2026
Donald Shattuck Member January 2026
Marguerite Talbot Member January 2026
Thomas Hawkins Member January 2026

Town of Pepperell 250th Anniversary Committee Charge 

Committee Mandate & Purpose

The 250th Anniversary Committee is an ad hoc volunteer committee established to develop and help implement a plan to celebrate the Town of Pepperell’s 250th Anniversary which falls officially on August 23, 2025.  The committee’s role will be to develop and coordinate activities for all ages related to the anniversary, and which celebrate Pepperell’s history, cultural diversity, and rich arts and recreation opportunities.


    Consider development of a theme, a simple logo and marketing material, etc. early in the process and liaise with and assist community groups and 2025 event organizers to encourage appropriate use of the 250th Anniversary theme in established and new events.

    Identify opportunities for Celebration of the Town of Pepperell’s 250th Anniversary in 2025. Consider and recommend the format for celebrations.  (e.g. year long, single weekend or month, etc.)

    Encourage the participation of all community sectors in celebrations, including, but not limited to: current and past residents, youth, seniors, educational institutions, sports and recreation, arts and culture, literacy, business and industry, and government.

    Seek out community partners willing to arrange and/or sponsor events or celebrations. Consider schools, town departments, community clubs and organizations, and local and regional owned businesses

    Seek out community groups or organizations that may be celebrating anniversaries during 2025 to possibly include or “piggyback” in the Town’s celebrations.  

    Arrange, delegate or identify individuals and organizations to organize, lead and “champion” events.

    Coordinate a Schedule of Events to take place in 2025 to celebrate the Town’s 250th Anniversary.

    Develop a budget for the 250th Anniversary Celebration to be presented to Select Board for approval.  Administration and approval of expenditures of such budgets will be in conjunction with the Treasurer. 

    Research and provide recommendations to Select Board on grant opportunities to support 250th Anniversary Celebration events and assist with applications.

    The Committee shall work with and adhere to the Town of Pepperell’s financial, procurement, and administrative policies.

    Recruit and coordinate volunteers for the organization and operation of Anniversary events as required.

    Communicate regularly in print and through social media regarding plans and scheduled events to celebrate the Town’s 250th Anniversary.

    Attend meetings and fulfill responsibilities and commitments as required.

    Report regularly to the Select Board, making recommendations for Select Board’s support/approval and preparing a final report for Select Board

Committee Membership

The ad-hoc committee of Select Board shall be composed of up to 9 voting members to be appointed by resolution of Select Board and shall include community representatives representing diverse demographic groups (youth, families, seniors, etc.) and sectors such as businesses, services, volunteer organizations, churches or community groups.

*On August 28, 2023, the Select Board increased the voting members to 11.

Members of the Ad Hoc Committee shall be residents, property owners, or Pepperell based business owners, of the Town of Pepperell. The Select Board may, at its discretion, adjust the number of members.

When reviewing the applications and considering appointments to the committee, the Select Board shall attempt to ensure there is broad representation from many community sectors to provide for a range of perspectives, interests, ideas and experience.   

 All persons appointed to the Committee shall be required to adhere to the established by-laws, policies, and procedures of the Corporation of the Town of Pepperell which apply to Committees of the Select Board.

    All members of the Task Force shall serve without remuneration

    A Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will be chosen from within the membership for the purpose of managing meetings. 

    A Recording Secretary will be chosen from within the membership, with the minutes being taken for each meeting and forwarded to the Recreation Coordinator and Clerk.

    A Committee Finance representative shall be appointed to work with the Town’s Treasurer to help keep track of the Committee’s finances, income, sponsorships and expenditures.


    The Town of Pepperell 250th Anniversary Committee shall be appointed until the 250th Anniversary celebrations have concluded and no later than January 2026 or when a final report is received by Select Board – whichever comes first.

Financial Responsibility / Accountability

Regardless of source of funds, the committee has no authority to expend or commit financial resources of the Town of Pepperell until such funds have been approved by the Select Board (gifts) or Town Meeting (appropriations).

Reporting Relationship

The Town of Pepperell 250th Anniversary Committee is an Ad-hoc Committee formed to help develop, oversee and coordinate activities related to the celebration of the Town’s 250th anniversary, and it is accountable to the Town of Pepperell Select Board. The Committee shall report and make recommendations as follows:

a)     In the form of a written and oral reports to Select Board.

b)    In the form of Committee Minutes in a timely manner for electronic circulation to Select Board and posting on the Town’s website.

c)     In the form of a final report to Select Board after 250th anniversary celebrations have concluded and no later than January 2026.

Termination and Amendments

Select Board may, by resolution, dissolve the Committee at any time or amend these Terms of Reference.