Adopt-An-Island Application

Our Office can provide you a variety of resources for business.  Our staff can assist you to relocate, to start or to invigorate your current Pepperell business by connecting you with resources and people with expertise. Our staff can also assist with local and state permitting guidelines, and other general business assistance you will find valuable.  The Town of Pepperell is dedicated to creating a dynamic business community that is diverse and innovative.

Thank You for visiting our site. We are confident you will find Pepperell to be an exciting place to grow your business.  We also have multiple opportunities for business sponsorship, including an Adopt and Island program.  We are also in the process of a wayfinding signage sponsorship program. Please use the application links to apply.

Adopt-an-Island Application: Click Here

The Town of Pepperell "Adopt an Island" Program provides opportunities for companies, civic groups, institutions, and individuals to adopt a traffic island or other designated public spaces and create attractive, welcoming "oases" throughout the Town. By adopting an island, the sponsor commits to maintaining the landscaping of the designated areas by having services performed including but not limited to trash pickup, weeding, and providing approved plantings.

The list of locations available for adoption is available on the application and the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) and Planning Department will assign the spaces on a first-come, first-served basis. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Department at (978) 433-0336.

General Guidelines for Adopt-an Island: 

    The Town maintains a list of public sites available for adoption and approved by the Select Board. Assignment of locations will be on a first come-first served basis (unless applicant is a repeat from prior year).  Agreements are for one (1) calendar year. 

•    The Town will provide a sign for each organization/business/family managing a location.  This sign shall bear the name of the adopter.  Adopter shall pay for the cost of the sign.

    Agreements cover the months of March/April through October of the calendar year.

    Adopter assumes financial responsibility, liability insurance and worker safety.

    Adopters will choose plantings provided in the Planting Guide by the Invasive and Native Plant Advisory Committee.  Perennial plants are highly recommended. 

    Please note:  No chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides are to be used on any Town of Pepperell Property location.

    All islands/locations must have a spring and fall clean up to remove debris and adopters will be responsible for total cut/clean-up of site to make ready for planting the following season.

    Workers are encouraged to wear high-visibility clothing during work to ensure safety.

    No plantings will interfere with traffic (both vehicular and pedestrian).  All people working on their location must wear brightly colored, or safety clothing so they are visible to drivers.

    Only natural plants are to be used – no plastic, silk or other imitation plantings.

    Locations must be maintained by the individual/business/family or else be forfeited.  Adopters will be notified should plantings and locations need weeding, pruning, watering, mulching, revitalizing or replenishing throughout the season as appropriate. 

    If any adopter abandons the adopted location (leaves it unattended for 14 consecutive days or more), the Town reserves the right to take over or re-assign locations to another adopter.