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Zoning Board of Appeals
Meeting Agenda

Date:  March 13, 2019
Time:  7:00P.M.
Location:  Town Hall (Conference Room A)




7:00P.M. - Public Hearing: 17 Main Street (Pepperell Christian Fellowship) - Special Permit and Variance (ZBA-2019-01):

An application has been submitted by Pepperell Christian Fellowship, requesting a Zoning Board of Appeals SPECIAL PERMIT, under Section 3530 of the Town of Pepperell Zoning By-Law, which, if granted, would allow for the reconstruction, extension, alteration or change of a non-conforming structure, in connection with construction of an addition which would connect the two existing buildings on the site, and include a new main entrance, deck area, and access improvements, and construction of a new front entryway and steeple structure; and, a VARIANCE, from Section 4140 of the Town of Pepperell Zoning By-Law (Table of Dimensional Controls) which if granted would allow relief from the side yard setback to permit the construction of a building addition with a 9.9 foot encroachment into the required setback area, making the building 15.1 feet from the property line where 25 feet is required. The subject property is located at 17 Main Street, Pepperell, MA, as shown on Assessor's Map 21 as Parcel 53-0. A public hearing will be held on this matter at the Pepperell Town Hall, Conference Room A, on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 7:00P.M.



Discussion on Housing Production Plan (HPP) and Affordable Housing Committee (AHC) and selection of a ZBA Member Representative to the Affordable Housing Committee (AHC).



  • Miscellaneous Old and New Business
  • *Other matters that may arise that the chair didn't reasonably anticipate.
Note: The above application(s) are available for review at the Town Clerk's office. Parties wishing to speak in favor of, or in opposition to, these proposals may do so in writing prior to the hearing or at the hearing in person or represented by an agent or attorney. Interested parties are encouraged to attend.