Town Seal

Special Board of Selectmen
Meeting Agenda

Date: November 5th, 2018
 Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Town Hall/ Conference Room A

Pledge of Allegiance
Chairman's Announcement that meeting is being broadcast and recorded for re-broadcast


Executive Session


Approval of Executive Session Meeting Minutes of September 10th, 2018


Action Items


Determination of Dog Nuisance Hearing at 50 Blood Street


Town Administrator Discussion of Short Term Goals, Priorities, Objectives


Discussion on Agendas, Packets and Timing of Both

The Town of Pepperell strives to assure that no individual with a disability shall, by reason of such disability, be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of the services, programs or activities of the Town of Pepperell.  Towards that end, persons with special needs are asked to contact the Selectmen’s Office in advance of any meeting to assure that prior arrangements are made to assure full participation in the meeting.