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Apr 21

How to Cure the Hiccups

Posted on April 21, 2015 at 3:10 PM by Martin Cadek

Sleeping is difficult when you take on a new and exciting job.  Every little noise, every little movement could wake you and start your mind wandering.  This particular evening was no different.  I was excited to go to bed because I had a very long day and I knew, tonight, I would sleep, despite the noise.  

Well, that was not the case.  

Out of the darkness came a tiny hiccup which woke me instantly.  This hiccup came from my adorable new puppy, Kevin.  Now my eyes were open and I could feel and hear his little body convulse at every hiccup.   The poor baby.  What could I do?  I gently rubbed his tummy and started thinking;  I could shout and scare him but that would wake my husband.  What does my daughter tell me?  Oh yes, fill a glass of water and drink the water through a paper towel, or take a teaspoon of sugar.  Or my favorite; tip your head upside down and drink from the other side of the cup - which none of these my puppy could do.  But, as I was thinking of a solution for Kevin, my gentle rubbing seemed to help and the hiccups stopped.
You'd think that once the problem was solved I would get to sleep.  But It just got me thinking about hiccups and the many different ways to stop them.  Different things work for different people.  It would be hard to help someone you didn't know because some of the solutions are unconventional and would be seen silly or crazy.  It got me thinking of my seniors and their challenges, their hiccups so to speak.  If I don't know them, how can I help them? How will they trust me? I thought and thought.  Is it that hard?  Then a light went on in the darkness.  I didn't know the gentle rubbing would help Kevin but he knows me and my hand comforted him.  It's not hard.  It's simple.  I will be myself and listen. Listen to their stories, meet their families and love them with all my heart.  It's simple and as Kevin began to lightly snore under my hand we both drifted off to sleep. 

Susan McCarthy
, Director