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Posted on: May 25, 2021

Black Bears - Protect Your Livestock and Bees

As fascinating as black bears are, on occasion they can cause problems for people. With the increasing number of bears found in many areas of Massachusetts, it is important for residents to brush up on their bear knowledge. Learn how to avoid conflicts by making sure your property and neighborhood are not attracting black bears.

 The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife says reports of bear damage to backyard chicken coops are on the rise.

A spokeswoman for the department says poultry owners, especially those who may have started to keep chickens during the coronavirus pandemic, might not know that black bears are pushing farther east. “Properly maintained electric fencing is the only way to protect chickens, beehives, and other livestock from bears,” the department says.

This black bear sow along with its two cubs was spotted recently near a resident's chicken coop. Protect your bees and chicken coops from black bears. 

Black Bear Cubs 2

Black Bear Sow

Black Bear Cubs

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