Town of Pepperell Online Forms

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Board of Health

  1. Board of Health - Complaint Form

    Board of Health - Complaint Form

Building Committee

  1. Questions for the Building Committee

    Please utilize this form to submit questions to the Pepperell Building Committee. Questions will be answered in public meetings and Q&A... More…

Conservation Forms

  1. Trail Maintenance sign up form
  2. Trail Report form
  1. Trail Monitor sign up form

    This form will email your information to Conservation administrator.

Events Forms

  1. Suggest an Event Form

    Please use this form to notify us of any upcoming events that you would like featured on our website. Your submission will be reviewed... More…

General Government

  1. Bid Registration Form

    If you are interested in receiving documents related to a request for proposals, choose the project from the drop down menu, complete... More…

  2. Facility Naming Process

    Facility Naming Process for Town of Pepperell Facilities

  1. CERT Awareness Registration Form
  2. Resident Request for Appointment to Volunteer Board or Committee

    If you are interested in serving on a Town Board, Committee or Commission please fill out this form and it will be submitted to Board... More…

Job Application

  1. Application for Employment

    Application for Employment. We Consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national... More…

Police Department

  1. Anonymous Tip Form
  2. Citizen's Compliment Form
  3. Signs & Safety Form
  1. Citizen's Complaint Form
  2. Contact Us

    General form for contacting Pepperell Police and for asking questions.

Recreation Forms

  1. Electronic Class Reservation

    Please use this form to reserve a spot in a class. Payment must be received before registration is official.

Select Board

  1. Contact the Pepperell Select Board

    Use this form to contact Pepperell Select Board