Water Division


In compliance with the Town of Pepperell Water Rules and Regulations (pg. 12/no. 36); Effective May 1st through October 31st, outdoor watering of any kind is restricted to even numbered days of the month for homes with even address and odd numbered days for homes with an odd numbered address.

This MANDATORY ODD/EVEN BAN is strongly encouraged by MassDEP, and should be effective enough so as to make a full mandatory outside water ban unnecessary except under extreme circumstances.  All water customers are strongly encouraged to comply with this odd/even ban to help avoid more extreme measures of water conservation.  Should conditions require, this conservation measure will be upgraded to a full outside water ban as declared by the Board of Public Works.  Violations of the full ban may result in fines at that time. 

Water Meter Replacement Program

The Town will commence with the changing out of water meters beginning Monday November 7th, if you received a postcard from East National Water and you want to schedule your meter replacement please click here.

Water Main Flushing to Begin

The Pepperell Water Division will begin its water main flushing program in April 2017 and will continue through June 2017 or until its completion. Flushing will be conducted in the daytime, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.   

"Hydrant Flushing In Progress" signs will be posted in areas to be flushed before and during this flushing process. The signs will move with the flushing process as we progress through town. Residents in the general flushing area should expect to be affected. The flushing process may cause temporary discolored water and reduced water pressure to some residents in the area during the flushing process. Residents are advised to restrict water use while their neighborhood is being flushed to avoid drawing dirty looking, but perfectly safe water, into their homes. Flushing may also cause minor flooding of streets. If your water does not clear up after 3 p.m., please run your COLD water into your bath tub for up to 20 minutes. Running water in the bath tub will avoid clogging the faucet aerators with sediment at your sinks. If your tap water is not clear after 24 hours, please call the Water Division at 978-433- 5528. The Water Main Flushing Program is critical for maintenance of the water supply system and improvement of water quality. It is also vital for maintenance of dependable flow for fire protection.

Notice to Water and Sewer Customers - Effective August 2015

In an effort to more efficiently process payments, we have changed our remit to address for all Water & Sewer payments. Please include your account number on all payments and mail to:

Town of Pepperell - DPW
P.O. Box 319
Pepperell, MA 01463

Payments may still be made in person at Town Hall Monday through Thursday.

Protecting Our Drinking Water

The Pepperell Water Division recently posted Drinking Water Protection Signs in the neighborhoods that abut the town's water supplies. These signs are part of our Consumer Outreach Program to alert residents within or near our Aquifer Protection Districts that our Groundwater is vulnerable to contaminants.

To maintain a safe water supply, we all need to do our part in protecting it. What we do with or on our land directly affects the quality of our drinking water. There are a number of ways in which all of us can help reduce the possibility of contamination of our water supply.