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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Ad Hoc Public Safety Building Committee
  3. Affordable Housing Committee
  4. Affordable Housing Trust
  5. Agricultural Commission
  6. Assessors, Board of
  7. Board of Health
  8. Board of Public Works
  9. Board of Registrars
  10. Building Committee
  11. Cable Television Advisory Committee
  12. Capital Program Committee
  13. Charter Commission
  14. Charter Review Committee
  15. Citizen Engagement Meetings
  16. Climate Change Committee
  17. Community Preservation Act
  18. Community Preservation Committee
  19. Conservation Commission
  20. Council on Aging
  21. Cultural Council
  22. Development Discussion Group
  23. Economic Development Advisory Committee
  24. Finance Committee
  25. Fire Chief Search Committee
  26. Fire Engineers, Board of
  27. Fire Officers, Board of
  28. Greater Lowell Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Committee
  29. Hazel Brooks Trust Fund Committee
  30. Historical Commission
  31. Housing Authority
  32. Information Systems Technology Committee
  33. Invasive & Native Plant Advisory Committee
  1. Lawrence Library Board of Trustees
  2. Light, Air And Noise By-Law Committee
  3. Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA)
  4. Master Plan Advisory Committee - Climate Change Resiliency and Sustainability Work Group
  5. Master Plan Committee
  6. MVP Advisory Group
  7. Nashoba Associated Boards of Health
  8. Nashoba Valley Technical School District
  9. North Central Climate Change Coalition - NC4
  10. North Central Workforce Board
  11. North Middlesex Area Emergency Planning Committee
  12. North Middlesex Council of Governments
  13. North Middlesex Regional School District
  14. Northern Massachusetts Municipal Gas Pipeline Coalition
  15. Northern Middlesex Metropolitan Planning Organization
  16. Northern Middlesex Regional Emergency Communications Center (NMRECC) District
  17. NPS Partnership Nashua Wild & Scenic River Study Committee
  18. Patriot Regional Emergency Communications Center
  19. Personnel Board
  20. Peter Fitzpatrick Feasibility Committee
  21. Planning Board
  22. Planning Board - Zoning Study Group
  23. Proprietor's Meeting
  24. Recreation Commission
  25. Regional 911 Emergency Communications District Planning Committee
  26. School Committee - Nashoba Tech
  27. School Committee - North Middlesex
  28. Select Board
  29. Town Administrator Search Committee
  30. Town Forest Committee
  31. Town of Pepperell 250th Anniversary Committee
  32. Upper Middlesex Commission on the Status of Women
  33. Zoning Board of Appeals